Review Ripon – we live in Ripon, we care about Ripon!

Welcome to the website of Ripon’s only real magazine, Review Ripon. Here you can find out a little bit more about our magazine, and contact us at any time.

Review Ripon was launched in December 2005 by a Ripon resident, Claire Slee, and has proved incredibly popular with residents, advertisers and visitors to the area. This is because it's a real magazine with lots to read, such as:

Claire - Review Ripon"I grew up in Harrogate, but when I moved back from living in New Zealand in 2002, I chose Ripon as a great place to live. I love this city and can appreciate all the great things it has going for it. Part of why I started Review Ripon was to highlight this, and help local businesses with low-cost advertising in a format that readers enjoy. I really do care about this city and love living here and producing Review Ripon every month" - Claire